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This little black and white pup was born to Solo and Hustle from our good friends Christy and David Bierema over at Buck Branch Border Collies. We are very lucky to have him join our family. Rift is about as sweat as they come. He has proven himself to be a fantastic puppy sitter. He knew right off the bat to be gentle with the puppies and to be rough and stand his own ground with the older dogs. What a great combination. 


Registered ABCA, Black and White

DNA Health Tested, Paw Print Genetics

CEA, clear

DM, clear

CUBN, clear

MDR1, clear

NCL5, clear

SN, clear

TNS, clear

OFA Hips, Good (2021)

Wolf sable/gray, carries yellow/red, tricolor/black and tan.

Not available for stud.

Rift: Photo Gallery
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