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Raini is a tricolored blue merle and daughter of Cypher and Echo. This little girl is a firecracker, mouthy and in everyone’s business. We started her disc training this past fall and she is now obsessed with frisbees. You can see the focus in her eyes while impatiently waiting for a disc. She is highly energetic, well balanced and a fun little girl. She has bonded well with the family and while inside the house you will always find her curled up into a little ball at our feet.

NBBC Raini B

Registered ABCA, Blue Merle, Tri-color

DNA Health Tested, Paw Print Genetics

CEA, clear

DM, clear

CUBN, clear

MDR1, clear

NCL5, clear

SN, clear

TNS, clear

OFA Hips, Good (2021)

Wolf sable/gray, merle, carries yellow/red, tricolor/black and tan.

Raini: Gallery
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