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Our keeper of the squeaky toys

Echo is our gold and white (aussie, e/e red) male. Super smart, lovable, and keeper of all squeaky toys. It's always play time with this one. Absolutely loves his frisbee and seems to have an endless supply of energy. He does nothing slowly and sometimes has to be reminded he doesn't live in a barn. He has an innate ability to sense that you are awake before you even know you are awake.


Registered ABCA, Gold, e/e red

DNA Health Tested, Paw Print Genetics

CEA, clear

DM, clear

CUBN, clear

MDR1, clear

NCL5, clear

TNS, clear

OFA Hips, Good (2017)

Tricolor, black and tan, m/m non merle, e/e yellow/red.

Not available for stud.

Echo: Photo Gallery
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